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Varanasi,dec 2018

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

One of the oldest city in the world which have a life of its own that's how we can describe varanasi.The Sacred land which lie besides the holy river ganges is home to millions of people.This is the place were culture is preserved more than anywhere. The temples,the river,the streets everything has a life of its own in this paradise. We can meet sadhus who have left all their possesions and we can also find people who all running to earn money like us. This place depicts both the life of a human, enlightened one and normal one.  . The sunrise in this paradise will cleanse our soul from all the sins that we have done. The place leaves a great impact on you as you will feel positive energy running through your veins. You can find life on the nook and corner of the buzzling streets. The streets of varanasi are one of the most busiest and one with the most life in it. Cremation in this land is considered as a doorway to heaven. This is a city where you ll enjoy the chaos and will be a part of it without thinking twice.


Our journey to varanasi begin from chennai central railway station. It was a 48 hours of train journey,the longest train journey ive ever been in my life till that date.

“First Day At Varanasi.”

to be countinued...

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